Is November the most miserable month of the year? The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and it’s cold, damp and dreary. Well, it doesn’t have to be! Treat yourself to a November getaway and forget all about autumn. Here are our top picks for a warm holiday that will let you face the festive season with a glowing tan.


Morocco is one of the best places to go in November for sun, especially if you’re travelling from Europe. One short-haul flight and ta-dah! In fact, we reckon that November is the best time to visit Morocco. Summer is unbearably hot, and the country gets crowded during the Christmas and Easter holidays. November is still off-peak in terms of tourists, but you’re going to enjoy some great weather.

One word of warning: you will need to bring a jacket for the chilly nights, especially in the Atlas Mountains or Sahara Desert. That’s a small price to pay for warm, pleasant weather by day, as well as a chance to lose yourself in the exciting world of North African culture. Try haggling for bargains in a souk or sinking into the soothing waters of a hammam — sheer bliss!

We’re planning a nine-day trip to Morocco this November. Join us for an epic dose of Vitamin D!

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A desert camp with illuminated tents under a starry night sky in Moroco


Where is it hot in November? Well, why not pick a country that’s hot all year round? Mexico is absolutely glorious at this time of year, and the water is perfect for swimming. When you’re snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of Tulum, you’ll forget all about that drab, dreary weather back home.

We reckon that November is the ideal time to visit Cancún. The spring break crowds are long gone, so you won’t have drunken frat boys to deal with, but you’ll still have some amazing nightlife to enjoy, followed by long days on the beach. If you’re looking for hot destinations in November, Mexico fits the bill in more ways than one!

Don’t feel like partying? Don’t worry. There’s still plenty to keep you occupied in Mexico in November. Spend your days on the beach or explore cultural sites like the ancient Mayan pyramids. Follow hiking trails through tropical rainforests, or try out a new water sport. Try swimming in a cenote, one of the shockingly blue sinkholes found in caves across the Yucatán Peninsula. You’ll never be bored!

Want to spend two weeks soaking up the Mexican sunshine and stuffing yourself silly with tacos and fajitas? Our trip to the Yucatán Peninsula involves plenty of time on the beach, some great snorkelling, epic parties and even a dash of history, as you’ll be able to visit the ancient Mayan city of Chichén Itzá! What more could you ask for?

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Costa Rica

One of our favourite things about travelling to warm places in November is avoiding the crowds. That’s particularly true for countries that are absolute tourist magnets at other times of year — and yes, we’re looking at you, Costa Rica. Visit over the Christmas period, and you’ll find wall-to-wall group tours and expensive hotels. Come in November, and you’ll enjoy off-peak prices and an ultra-relaxed vibe.

Costa Rica is the ideal destination for nature lovers. Its dense rainforests are home to thousands of cool critters, including sloths, monkeys and colourful tree frogs. There’s even more life under the water. If you’re into scuba diving, you’ll love the chance to explore the coral reefs and check out the sea turtles.

For an adventure holiday in November, it’s hard to beat Costa Rica. Hike to waterfalls located deep in the jungle or kayak through mangrove forests. We’ll be spending two weeks exploring Costa Rica this November. Are you in?

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Aerial view of a tropical beach in Costa Rica


If you’re wondering where it is hot in November, the easy answer is to look east. In November, Thailand is beginning its dry season. Yes, there are still some rain storms from time to time, but this is one of the best months to visit the Land of Smiles. The countryside is lush and green after all that rain, while the skies are mostly clear.

Wherever you go in Thailand, a new adventure is waiting for you. From whitewater rafting in Chiang Mai to snorkelling in the waters of Phuket, you’ll never get bored. Plus, there’s plenty to explore from a cultural point of view, too. Bangkok is known for its spectacular temples and glorious palaces, and we haven’t even mentioned the world-famous cuisine!

November also marks the start of Thailand’s best diving season. The protected natural reserve of the Similan Islands is closed throughout the rainy season, not only because of the bad weather but also to give the precious coral reefs and marine life a chance to regenerate undisturbed. In November, it opens up again, so you can venture under the waves to see the other side of Thailand’s natural beauty.

Traditional Thai long-tail boats floating in the turquoise waters of a scenic beach in Thailand

Banish the winter blues with a trip to the Land of Smiles. Our 13-day holiday in Thailand is packed with adventure, culture and beautiful nature. It’s the perfect antidote to the November slump.

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We’re staying in Southeast Asia for this one. In southern Vietnam, November marks the start of the dry season, while in the north, winter is coming. Don’t panic, though — Vietnamese winter is a lot milder than its European counterpart. How much milder? Well, as an example, this year in Hanoi, the government closed the schools due to an unprecedented, shocking cold snap…of 10°C. Don’t bother packing a coat.

November is a great time to visit Vietnam’s beaches in areas like Hoi An, Phu Quoc Island and Nha Trang. We reckon it’s also the perfect month to explore the country’s lush green interior. In the south, the rainy season has just finished, so the waterfalls are still in full flow, and there are no crowds of tourists to disturb you.

Of course, we haven’t even mentioned the big attractions like Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh and Sapa. November is one of the best times of year to go hiking in northern Vietnam, as the cooling air makes it much more comfortable than it is in summer.

We’ve got a two-week trip to Vietnam planned for November. We’ll go all the way from the north to the south, letting you see so many interesting places along the way. Forget huddling by the radiator — it’s time to get some sunshine!

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Still not sure where it is hot in November? Why not Oman? This desert nation may not be what springs to mind when you think of warm holidays in November, but it deserves a spot on your bucket list. We reckon Oman is a bit of a hidden gem, so it’s time for you to discover it.

For most of us, when we think of the Gulf states, we tend to imagine nothing more than a dry, arid desert. If that’s the case for you, Oman will come as a pleasant surprise. Discover Jebel Shams, known as the Grand Canyon of Arabia, and the ancient traditional town of Nizwa. Spend time in Ras Al Jinz, one of Oman’s coolest seaside destinations and home to a sea turtle sanctuary. Go swimming in the Bimmah Sinkhole — it’s the perfect way to cool off after a few days in the Omani sun.

A serene beach in Oman with clear turquoise waters

Oman is a destination that’s bound to take you by surprise. Our nine-day trip will make you realise that there’s so much more to the Gulf than just the desert. Join us to discover the remarkable beauty of this fascinating country.

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Sri Lanka

Want to know where it is hot in November for a trip that combines captivating ancient culture, beautiful nature and some of the best wildlife in the world? We reckon that Sri Lanka is the perfect choice. November is the dry season in the country’s southern region, which means you’ll have great opportunities to visit national parks, go on hikes, and explore some of the most sacred ancient Buddhist sites anywhere in Asia.

In the town of Mirissa, November marks the start of the whale-watching season. Sri Lanka is renowned as one of the best places in the world to catch a glimpse of these gentle giants as they pass the island on their annual migrations. Even if you don’t fancy a boat trip, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to wildlife on land. Visit Yala National Park to look for leopards — Sri Lanka is the country in Asia where you’re most likely to see these shy big cats. You won’t need binoculars when it comes to spotting elephants, as they can often be seen roaming the countryside or even going to the beach to cool off.

Sri Lanka is also a great destination for its cultural sites. From the ancient citadel of Sigiriya, perched high on Lion Rock, to the Temple of the Tooth in the city of Kandy or the Dutch fortress in Galle, there are so many interesting places to explore.

Enjoy a getaway with us in the Sri Lankan sunshine. We’ll be heading to this awesome island nation for a 12-day trip in November, and there’s room for you to join us!

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South Africa

Think back to your geography classes at school. If someone asked you where it is hot in November, the answer is simple: the southern hemisphere. While the northern hemisphere prepares for winter, summer is just starting south of the equator — and that makes November the perfect month to visit South Africa.

South Africa is one of our favourite hot countries in November because it offers so much variety. You can go surfing on the pristine beaches of Cape Town or hike your way up Table Mountain. Visit Robben Island, the thought-provoking site of the former penal island where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner, or admire the sea lions at the Victoria and Albert Waterfront.

A breathtaking sunset view of Camps Bay in South Africa

We haven’t even mentioned our favourite reason for visiting South Africa yet: wildlife. No trip to SA would be complete without a safari, either in the world-famous Kruger National Park or one of the smaller game reserves nearby. If you’re lucky, you might even spot the country’s Big Five: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo. Even if you don’t manage to tick all five off your list, well, that just gives you a reason to come back again next year, right?

Our trip to South Africa gives you two weeks in the South African sunshine. There’s no better way to leave your friends reeling with jealousy this November!

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It’s time to choose your destination and get ready for an amazing November holiday. Now that we’ve told you all our favourite hotspots for some November sunshine, which one is right for you? Join us for the trip of a lifetime this autumn!

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