Let’s dust off our magical crystal ball and tell you what the 15 best places to visit in 2024 are: because this is the right moment to plan your next trip!

The travel sector also follows trends: each year certain destinations have varying degrees of success. Some places, which nobody had considered until a few years ago, have become the most coveted destination of all travellers in a really short time. Here, we’ll give you our very personal ranking. Some destinations are familiar and we continue to love them, while others are small, new gems of rare beauty.

Where will you point your compass?


A picture of two girls in front of a temple in Kyoto

Japan is one of those destinations that never goes out of fashion. Consider that it welcomed as many as 31.8 million visitors in 2019, becoming one of the most popular destinations in Asia. Take note because in 2024 it will be riding the wave given that Tokyo, Kyoto and the other beautiful cities of the Land of the Rising Sun are finally ready to welcome tourists from all over the world after two years of closure. We can’t wait to propel ourselves there!

If Japan is on your 2024 bucket list, then take our tip: in addition to the best-known cities, try to spend time on the lesser-known islands. Then head to the Okinawa Prefecture, the archipelago of islands south of Japan where the sea is reminiscent of the Caribbean. Alternatively, head north to Hokkaido Island, where nature is master, with geysers, lakes, hot springs and mountains with different hiking trails. Two little gems that are still not very well-known: best hurry!

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People walk among ancient buildings in Oman at sunset

Didn’t you expect to see Dubai on this list? And instead, whilst staying in the Arabian Peninsula, we recommend Oman, a less-known but equally fascinating destination for this 2024. This country is a real hidden gem (in our opinion only for a little while longer) and we advise you to be smart and go there before it is assaulted by mass tourism.

But what’s so special about Oman? Isn’t it just scorching heat and dunes? No! Well true, there is that … as well, but … you can also see much, much more. Meanwhile, the dunes are not just yellow sand, but also white and very fine … we can tell you that you can walk in a place called Sugar Dunes. And then there is Pink Lake (a pink lake… pink, got it?!) and Ras al Jinz. This beach has become a reserve of green turtles. Would you rather stay with your feet soaking in turquoise water? There are the heavenly Daymaniyat Islands. Finally, we cannot forget Muscat, the charming capital, rich in history and traditions and without even a single skyscraper. Are you ready to visit Oman with WeRoad?

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People around a snowmobile in Lapland

If we say Lapland, is your first immediate notion of Santa Claus? Okay, we get it. But did you know that this beautiful region has a record number of apparitions of the Northern Lights? And there you have it! This is already a massive reason to put it at the top of the list of places to visit in 2024!

Taking a look at things closer, this area is distributed into four states, namely Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. We advise you to go between September and March and choose between Sweden or Finland (or maybe make a stop in both, who are we to limit your thirst for adventure?). We assure you that they are both valid alternatives to the most beaten pathway to Iceland and will not leave you disappointed. From the parts of Rovaniemi in Finland, you can visit the village of Santa Claus while wearing snowshoes. How about walking an icy lake in Inari? While in Saariselkä you can sleep in an igloo room. In Sweden, instead, go to Jukkasjarvi if you want to sleep in an ice room, to Abisko to maximise your hopes of seeing dawn (here there is no light pollution and rainfall is scarce) and Kiruna to go on a nice safari!

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The Azores

Turquoise sea and golden beach in Fuerteventura

The Azores, also known as the Hawaii of Europe, have burgeoningly forced their way into the list of destinations to visit in 2024, having gained popularity in recent years. These islands are close enough to be reached easily, yet at the same time, they are distant enough away to enjoy mild temperatures all year round.

The Azores really satisfy everyone, because each of the nine islands of the archipelago has its peculiarities. Go from the island of São Miguel with its Ponta Delgada, a cosmopolitan city, to Faial, called the blue island for the colour of its numerous hydrangeas, passing through Pico, the perfect place to do whale watching. We won’t mention them all but trust us, if you are looking for a place to recharge your batteries in contact with nature, without sacrificing some comfort, then these islands are ideal for you!


White building and red sky in India

We continue with India, perhaps it is still a barely visited country but what it lacks in tourism it makes up with charm. In our opinion, it deserves a place on the list of the best travel destinations of 2024. An iridescent, lively land that exudes history from every corner. It will fill your eyes and heart with its warmth. Given its vastness, you cannot tour it in a single sitting. Since we are being nice, we’ll provide you with the stages that you cannot miss on your next trip.

Without question, start from the Taj Mahal. This might seem obvious, but there’s a reason it’s one of the seven wonders of the world. While you are there, visit Agra, a rich and lively city. We proceed with Orchha and its nostalgic and poignant beauty and then arrive at Varanasi, where you will breathe an air of spirituality and devotion. Continue to Delhi, which is likely to have been your starting point, and immerse yourself in the bustling capital. Leaving India will be difficult at this point, but hey, you can always come back, because many other places await you, such as Jaipur and Jodhpur, the pink and blue cities respectively.

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Grey rocks overlook the ocean in Zanzibar

It is not surprising that Tanzania is on this list of the best places to visit for 2024. This African country is a small paradise for natural beauty, not only for its flora but above all its fauna. The great parks that are located near Arusha are among the most touristy in the whole continent: Tarangire, Serengeti and, above all, the magnificent Ngorongoro. Within these parks, you can see the “big five” – elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and buffalo.

In addition to the beautiful hinterland, the Tanzanian coast also promises naturalistic beauty. The island of Zanzibar has endless white sand beaches and the water here is crystal clear and inviting. Unsurprisingly, numerous flee from the Nordic cold in the winter months to enjoy the warm sun that shines here practically all year round. Among all the beaches, put a pin in Nakupenda, which is a small island that appears and disappears depending on the tide.

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Cappadocia, Turkey

Colourful hot air balloons fly over Cappadocia

Turkey remains firmly in the ranking of the best destinations of 2024 with the beautiful region of Cappadocia, which in recent years has become a favourite destination for travellers, travel bloggers and influencers of all shapes and forms. Cappadocia has its own charm: the landscape is dominated by imposing hoodoos, columns of rock shaped over time by the elements, and the houses built into the rock itself, which constitute a vast open-air museum.

Don’t miss the classic balloon flight at dawn. Although it is now decidedly mainstream, there is a reason why it has become so famous: it is an incredible experience. Book your flight well in advance and keep your fingers crossed for a clear, windless morning. Otherwise, you won’t even get up in the air! If luck is not on your side, do not miss the thrill of admiring the landscape that warms up with the colours of the sun from some panoramic point of the valley.

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South Africa

Mountains behind Cape Town during the golden hour

In South Africa, there is a bit of everything to meet every traveller’s needs. Nature, outdoor sports, adrenaline, culture, modern and ever-growing cities, on the road: all this is on the table. It is also a perfect destination for an off-season trip: the best time to visit South Africa is our winter. There you will find the heat and the sun waiting for you!

As travel tips, we recommend the Garden Route, the road that winds along the coast between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. In Hermanus, you can swim with the great white sharks, while in the Addo and Kruger National Park get in touch with the majestic African nature. Stop in Stellenbosch to taste the local wines and don’t miss Cape Town, which preserves the country’s past and history among its streets.

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Hawaii's green mountains overlook the ocean

Admittedly, they are not around the corner, that’s a given, however, Hawaii will attract many travellers from all over the world every year. Not just for honeymoons: Hawaii is a natural paradise for anyone who loves outdoor activities. The archipelago consists of several islands and undoubtedly the most popular is Oahu, with Honolulu and the famous Waikiki Beach.

If you don’t know how to choose the right island for you, consider that Maui is perfect for anyone who visits Hawaii for the first time because there is the right mix of everything. Big Island is perfect for anyone seeking adventure: here you can hike to admire the lava dripping into the sea, go hiking in the rainforest in search of hidden waterfalls, and in Mauna Loa you can stroll near the largest volcano on Earth. In Kauai, you will recognise places where several films have been shot, including Jurassic Park, while Molokai is called the island of “detox” – the reason you come here is to completely switch off!


A group of people smiles in Nepal

Whether you love hiking or not, a trip to Nepal will do your body, spirit and heart good. The high peaks of the Himalayas almost seem to put everything back in the right place and suddenly everything makes sense again in the cosmic order of things. A trip to Nepal is strongly emotional. Dust and noise, silence and peace, humility in the face of nature and joy of being in the world.

In addition to visiting places of worship and Buddhist monasteries, true spirituality is found by being with oneself and listening to the noise of one’s footsteps while struggling along a mountain road. Our advice is to arrange at least one hike during your stay: whether it’s a single day or 12, it doesn’t matter. Choose according to your level and then let yourself be enchanted by the purity and whiteness of these mountains, the highest on the face of the earth. Definitely, one of the best destinations to visit for 2024!

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One person ooserves glaciers in Patagonia

Patagonia should be in any top destination ranking of any year. The high peaks of Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy arouse awe, while a little further south, in El Calafate, the sound of the Perito Moreno ice that moves and grows every day, reminding us that Mother Nature, in one way or another, will always have the best. Patagonia is a mystical and fascinating place. You should add it to your list right now as you read these words.

It is also perfect for a road trip. Reach Ushuaia by plane, the city at the end of the world, and from there ascend to El Chaltén. Along the way, you can admire the barren and bare landscape of Chilean Patagonia and Argentina, which speaks to the most sensitive hearts telling stories of the ancient adventurers who first explored these lands. Then, fall in love with the nature of the Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares parks, and breathe in the sense of freedom that few places in the world can offer.

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South Korea

Brown bare trees under blue sky in Seoul

Let’s say you’ve already been to Japan and China does not appeal to you … then head to South Korea! This Asian country is slowly coming out of its shell – and not just in music! Seoul is an energetic and bubbly city, but don’t just stick to the capital or other popular destinations like Busan or Jeju Island. Let yourself be charmed in South Korea: the food here is delicious and many starred chefs have opened a restaurant in Seoul.

Where do the recipes come from? There is a small offbeat town on the coast called Mokpo, which attracts adventurers in search of new flavours. The Mokpo Speciality Seafood Market is the place to taste local delicacies. You should try hongeo, a dish based on fermented ray, usually served with kimchi and stewed pork.


Ancient Mayan ruins in Guatemala

In Central America, Mexico and Costa Rica are still the most popular destinations. Green Guatemala, with Lake Atitlán, Semuc Champey and Tikal, the largest of the ancient ruined cities of the Mayan civilisation, is also shuffling for elbow room among the best places to visit in 2024. This place has incredible cards to play: surrounded by a tropical forest, which almost seems to have its own life, imposing and mammoth ruins leap out suddenly.

For an out-of-the-world adventure, sail through the calm waters of the Rio Dulce, which runs from Lake Izabal to the Caribbean coast and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Many eco-lodges populate the river banks, inviting you to stop among nature for a few days. The straw roofs sprout among the green vegetation. Here you can sleep with the windows wide open, under fine nets that serve to keep mosquitoes away, with the sound of nature that accompanies sleep and invites you to awaken in the first light of the sun.

Australia south coast

White sand surrounded by green vegetation in Australia

Australia is such a vastly immense country that one lifetime would not suffice to visit it properly. Our advice is to focus on one area and, among the best places to visit in 2024, the southern coast is absolutely the area to visit; perfect for all lovers of road trips. Move from Adelaide to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road where you can’t miss the 12 Apostles, one of the most iconic views in all of Australia. Then continue onto Sydney, not forgetting a little detour to the mystical Blue Mountains.

To break the mould completely, stay an extra week and go to Tasmania. The island in the south of Australia is famous not only for its homonymous devil but for being the guardian of pristine and lush nature. For many it will be one of the most coveted destinations of 2024! We do not hide from you that, given our starting point, reaching Tasmania is quite expensive. But if you are attracted to places like these, do not be discouraged and fill your backpack!

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A man on horseback with a bird on his arm in Mongolia

If of all the possible places to visit in 2024 you could only choose one, which would it be? For us, it’s Mongolia. Not because it is particularly popular in the travel sector – it is a really niche destination – but because it is one of the most incredible places on earth. Here the local populations, who still live in gers (the Mongol word for yurt), are nomads and live according to the rhythm of nature. Let yourself be hosted by a family and try firsthand a way of living away light years from ours.

Visit the Gobi Desert, a place that seems frozen in time but whose dunes change shape every day. If you can, come here between July and October, when you can take part in the Naadam and Golden Eagle Festival. You will see an ancient art that is still handed down from father to son: hunting with eagles. Admiring the incredible connection that binds man and animal is a rare thing nowadays and, for this reason, it should be preserved at all costs.

And which places will you choose to visit in 2024?

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