There’s nothing like a road trip. The wind blowing through your hair, great scenic views, a new destination every night — it’s no wonder that these iconic holidays are an all-time favourite for so many travellers. Have you hit the road yet? You’ll be hooked when you try one of these awesome road trips itineraries, turning a regular holiday into an epic adventure.

Route 66 across the USA

What else could we have as the number one item on our list of best road trip holidays — or should that be vacations? Route 66 has been famous since the 1930s, and it’s still high on many people’s bucket lists. This road trip will take you from Chicago to Los Angeles, passing through the endless fields of the Midwest and the dramatic deserts of New Mexico and Arizona along the way.

Route 66 offers a classic slice of Americana, although things have certainly changed since its heyday. Many of the settlements along the way have been deserted over the years, giving adventurous travellers the chance to discover unique ghost towns. Don’t worry, though, as there are still plenty of great places to visit. You’ll discover quaint American diners and classic motels in small towns, and you’ll be able to explore cities like St Louis, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Some of the stops along Route 66 still have old-fashioned gas pumps and drive-in cinemas, which will give you the chance to experience a side of the United States that’s all but disappeared.

Grey asphalted road during the day with route66 written on it.

You might dream of cruising Route 66 on a classic Harley Davidson, but we reckon a car is far more comfortable — and it gives you the chance to make some friends along the way, too! It takes us 15 days to cross this epic highway on our Route 66 tour. Will you be joining us for an unforgettable adventure on one of the world’s best road trips?

Desert driving in Oman

Now for something completely different! When you want to plan your road trip, the Sultanate of Oman might not even be on your radar. However, this desert kingdom is one of the best destinations for epic road trip views. From shifting desert sands to the gleaming turquoise sea, there’s always something to catch your eye as you drive.

Oman is ideal for a circular road trip, starting and ending in the capital city of Muscat. Allow yourself enough time to explore Muscat, with its towering minarets and bustling souq markets. This is a vibrant and exciting city, so you’ll be surprised when you drive out into the desert and start feeling like you’re a million miles from civilisation. It doesn’t take long to discover Oman’s remarkable wilderness.

From its dirt roads through the Hajar Mountains to the Grand Canyon of Arabia, Oman is a country rich in natural wonders. Stop to explore the dramatic Al Hoota Cave, which contains four remarkable underground lakes, before plunging back into the desert. Spend a night under the stars with the local Bedouin people, waking up early enough to catch the greatest sunset of your life. Then, head back to the coast to discover the aptly named Turtle Island. Oh, and don’t forget to indulge in plenty of wonderful Middle Eastern cuisine along the way!

Brown and green rock formation on the blue sea under the blue sky during the day.

It will take us nine days to cross the sands during our Oman road trip. Why not join us in conquering the desert together?

An Australian coastal road trip

Anyone who looks at a map of Australia will immediately guess that the country is home to some of the world’s best road trips. That being said, you’ll need to take plenty of time to plan a driving trip before you start. Most of Australia is really big and really empty — and we mean really empty. This is a seriously vast country, and most of the action takes place on the edges. That’s why we recommend a road trip up the coast, where you’ll be able to enjoy great views and stop somewhere exciting every day.

One of the coolest Aussie routes takes you from Sydney to Brisbane. That means you’ll cross from Sydney’s pleasant, Mediterranean-style climate into the subtropics, and the scenery will shift accordingly. You’ll see the forests in the Blue Mountains, the vineyards in Australia’s famous wine lands and the incredible Great Lakes, with plenty of inland beaches to enjoy. That means all the fun of an Aussie beach without the sharks!

Of course, this is Australia, so you’ll have plenty of chances to see some great wildlife along the way. You’ll often spot kangaroos loping alongside the road — don’t go too nuts with the camera the first time you see them, as they’ll soon become a daily sight! Keep your eyes peeled for rarer critters like koalas or wombats, or make a pit stop at one of the many wildlife sanctuaries, where you can see how the locals work to conserve their native creatures.

Mountain landscape photograph under blue sky.

Got two weeks to spare? Join us for an adventure Down Under! See more of Australia with this fabulous journey, which we’re proud to say is one of the best road trips you’ll ever experience!

A loop around Iceland

Australia may be one of the biggest countries in the world, but Iceland is one of the smallest. That’s ideal for auto trip planning, as you can see most of the country in a little over a week — and, oh boy, is there plenty to see in this volcanic island nation. You won’t see many trees when following the loop around the Icelandic coast, but you will discover wonderful, eerie and magical sights that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice, and you’ll see plenty of both on your trip. Watch your step as you come close to the famous geysers, which you’ll find not too far from the capital city of Reykjavik. Yes, they look pretty, but the water shooting out of these natural holes is boiling. Keep your distance and stay safe, or your road trip may be over before it’s even started!

Water in Iceland shoots out of the ground in dramatic style, but it’s just as impressive going down, too. There are so many incredible waterfalls to see. We reckon that Seljalandsfoss is one of the best, as you’ll be able to stand in a hidden cave and watch the water cascading. Prefer to keep your hair dry? Then you’ll love the chance to explore black sand beaches, glaciers and views of the fjords. You might even get lucky and see a whale in the frigid Icelandic waters!

Aerial photograph of waterfalls near mountains during the day.

In just nine days, you’ll be able to see the best that Iceland has to offer. This is one of the best road trips in Europe, so if you love dramatic scenery, join in the fun!

A trip around England’s Lake District

You don’t need to go too far for great self drive holidays. In fact, if you’re British, there’s one right on your doorstep! A road trip around the Lake District feels like a trip back in time. You’ll be travelling to the England of Beatrix Potter, a simpler and more innocent era when writers and artists came to this corner of the country to seek inspiration. Who knows, as you admire this lovely scenery, you might just be inspired to compose a sonnet or two.

A Lake District holiday is more than just a road trip. On other self driving adventures, you might be content to stay behind the wheel for long hours, but this trip is ideal if you love to keep active in an ever-changing landscape. England’s Lake District is perfect for hiking, kayaking and other outdoor sports. There’s even a unique local option, Ghyll Scrambling, which is essentially the Lake District version of canyoning. You’ll be scrambling up or down a rocky mountain stream, with plenty of slides, jumps and pools to enjoy along the way.

Of course, there’s also plenty of peace and quiet in the Lake District. Finish each day’s drive in a charming, quaint little village. Stay in cottages with traditional thatched roofs and enjoy a nice cup of tea before getting ready for even more adventure the next day!

Our Lake District road trip takes just five days, making it an ideal choice if you’re short on time but big on adventure. Ready for the challenge?

Green grass field near the lake under cloudy skies during the day.

Drive around the Greek island of Corfu

Last but not least on our list of best road trips is this journey around Corfu. It’s also one of the best European driving holidays we can think of. The Greek islands are always a popular choice, and this holiday lets you see Corfu at its very best. You’ll enjoy outrageously beautiful sunsets on Glyfada Beach and the romantic Canal d’Amour in Sidari. According to local legend, if you swim through here with your partner, you’ll stay in love forever. Go for it, but don’t blame us if you don’t get your happily ever after!

As well as driving around by car, you’ll also have the chance to take boat trips to tiny nearby islands. Check out Paradise Beach, the Blue Caves and the remarkable Paxos Island, an idyllic paradise that’s a far cry from the wild parties of other Greek isles. Then, it’s back to Corfu to continue the journey, marvelling at the rocky landscapes and gorgeous sea views.

Brown and white concrete building near the water mirror during the daytime.

Be prepared for your road trip to Corfu! You’ll be sharing the road with tractors, suspiciously young-looking motorbikers and more goats than you can begin to imagine. If that sounds like fun, join us on this eight-day Greek odyssey.

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