Think your dream holiday needs to break the bank? Think again! While it’s true that a little extra cash for spending is never going to be unwelcome, there’s no need to remortgage your house for your next trip abroad. With a bit of creative research, you can find many affordable holiday destinations that will leave you with enough spare change for cocktails on arrival.

There are some truly dazzling destinations accessible at rock-bottom prices. Forget the seven-star hotels of Dubai or the luxury cruise lines of the Caribbean. Instead, choose one of these great options. These 8 These 8 low cost travel packages are light on the wallet but heavy on adventures and experiences. Which will you choose for your next budget-friendly break?


A city break on a budget? Yes, it’s possible! Portugal is one of southern Europe’s most underrated destinations. With its wild Atlantic coastline, charming cobbled streets and world-class wine, it’s a great spot for a holiday. Portugal is also one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe, making it one of the best choices for budget places to travel.

This 5-day tour of Portugal combines a visit to Porto and Lisbon, its two most fascinating cities. Bring some comfortable shoes, because you’ll need them for Porto’s steep hills. If you can make it to the top of the old town without getting winded, you’re in for a treat. From there, the views that sweep down over the Douro River are truly spectacular. Celebrate your achievement with a glass of port wine before you head back down again.

Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, also has plenty of hills. However, there’s a nifty way to avoid the workout: just hop on one of the charming, old-fashioned trams that rattle through its cobbled streets. Stop along the way for salt cod and pastéis de nata, a delicious local custard tart. And, of course, don’t forget a glass of Vinho Verde!

Port by Night from above.
Porto by Night


Bali is the perfect destination for anyone who loves nature, culture, beaches, good food — well, anyone at all, really! This Indonesian island is a real slice of paradise, and it’s also one of the best places to go for cheap beach holidays. To keep costs down as you chill, stick to local beer instead of pricey imports and eat food from street markets, the way Indonesians love to do.

One of the best ways to explore this dream destination is as part of a tour, like this 8-day tour of the island. You’ll be there long enough to really get a taste of Bali and immerse yourself in its stunning rainforests and picture-perfect beaches. You’ll visit ancient temples, palaces and UNESCO World Heritage sites — and yes, there will be plenty of time to lie back in a hammock and watch the world go by.

As you’ll be on your feet a lot of the time, bring a backpack rather than a suitcase for your trip to Bali. This destination is a great place for adventurous travellers who want to lose themselves in nature. You’ll soon see why this tropical island is such a magnet for visitors from all over the world.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple in Bali.
Ulun Danu Beratan Temple in Bali


Nepal is packed with cheap places to go, with the perfect blend of ancient culture and stunning, wild beauty. Climbing Mount Everest is one of the most expensive trips anyone can take, so this is a budget-friendly alternative for hikers. Everywhere you look in Nepal, you’ll see snow-capped mountains in the distance, making the perfect backdrop for your trip.

A Nepalese trekking holiday is just the thing if you love adventure. You’ll see the mountains, the jungles, and the ancient cities with their colourful temples. You’ll also have the chance to discover delicious Nepalese cuisine and the country’s remarkable, unique history and culture. This destination is one of the most fascinating budget places to travel, and a trip here is an adventure you’ll never forget.

This trip is definitely not for couch potatoes. Equipped with your best pair of hiking boots and a decent backpack, you should be ready for an adventure in which anything can happen. If the thought of a city break or a beach holiday bores you senseless, then a trek across Nepal is just what you need for your next budget getaway.

Temple from above in nepal
Temple in Nepal


Vietnam is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination, but prices are still low, so it remains high on our list of cheap places to go on holiday. This remarkable country will surprise and delight you. From the busy skyscrapers of Ho Chi Minh City to the tranquil silence of Halong Bay, there’s something new at every turn in Vietnam.

With a two-week break to Vietnam, you’ll enjoy one of the most varied trips around. This adventure combines the chance to shop ’til you drop in a big city with the opportunity to fall in love with the nature of the Indochina Peninsula. You’ll see temples, pagodas and incredible rice terraces. Discover ancient cities that thrived in the era of the Vietnamese monarchy, or take a boat trip down the jungle-fringed Mekong River.

Vietnam is warm all year round, making it an excellent choice if you’re seeking winter sunshine. The dry season, from November to May, is when the country is at its best, and you won’t need to worry about the monsoon rains this time of year.

Rice terraces in Vietnam.
Rice terraces in Vietnam

Sri Lanka

Haven’t heard of Sigiriya yet? It’s time to impress your friends with your hipster travel prowess! This ancient palace, perched high on a rocky plateau, is often described as the 8th Wonder of the World. You might want to give this one a miss if you’re scared of heights, as it sits on a massive piece of volcanic rock that juts 370 metres high into the sky. Climb the winding steps up to Sigiriya, and you’ll discover a hidden world where ancient kings and Buddhist monks once thrived.

Sigiriya is a real highlight of a holiday in Sri Lanka, but it’s not the only thing that’ll take your breath away. You’ll see traditional fishing villages, gorgeous beaches and herds of elephants. There are also incredibly beautiful temples and shrines to admire. Sri Lanka is one of the most Buddhist countries in the world, and its religious sites are sure to dazzle you.

Want to hit the beach? You’re in luck. Sri Lanka has some of the most pristine sands in the world, and the tourist hordes haven’t yet descended on this island nation. This makes it a very cheap country to visit, plus you’ll get the bragging rights of going somewhere before it becomes cool! If you’re looking for budget places to travel with beaches, culture and amazing views, then add Sri Lanka to your list.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


Cuba’s unique political situation means that it might just be the most affordable country to visit in the Caribbean. Prices are permanently low, while the country oozes a remarkable culture that’s unlike anything else in the world. Walk the streets of Old Havana, admiring the colourful colonial buildings. Next on the agenda? Duck into a salsa club and prepare to dance the night away to irresistible island rhythms.

When you spend two weeks in Cuba, you’ll be transported into another world. This island nation has plenty to offer curious travellers. Like nature? With the warm waters of the Caribbean, you’ll find wonderful beaches that are perfect for snorkelling. Want a taste of history? Visit the Che Guevara Museum or spend a day at the tobacco plantations and cigar factories, where old techniques are still used. Prefer to party? Well, Cuba is the birthplace of mojitos and daiquiris! Need we say more?

You don’t need to be a revolutionary at heart to love Cuba. This delightful Caribbean gem seduces all visitors. So light up a cigar, slip into your best dancing shoes, and get ready to fall in love with your next destination.

A beach among the palm trees in Cuba.


A trip to Jordan lets you see one of the most dazzling sites on the planet. You’ve already seen the photos of the ancient city of Petra, carved out of rose-red rock in the 1st century BC. When you arrive, though, you’ll be stunned by just how far the complex stretches. This isn’t just a couple of well-preserved buildings and façades: it’s a full ancient city, complete with temples, dwellings and offices. You’ll need an entire day to walk the dusty streets, following in the footsteps of the ancient Nabataean civilisation that once dominated this corner of the desert.

A trip to Jordan lets you explore the majesty of Petra, as well as the country’s other main wonder, the magnificent Wadi Rum desert. You’ve likely seen Wadi Rum serving as the backdrop to countless Hollywood productions, but getting up close and personal with the eerie, ever-shifting sands is something else. This endless expanse of sand and rock captivates visitors every year, as it’s such a remarkably different spot for a getaway.

Jordan is still an incredibly cheap destination. Here, you can see unique sights and enjoy some of the best cuisine in the Middle East without breaking the bank. It has a number of thrilling budget places to travel, including two beach areas that are both totally different. There’s the famous Dead Sea, where you can float in the mineral-rich water, and the vibrant Red Sea, home to millions of sea critters and the perfect spot for snorkelling. This small country packs a serious punch.

Petra from above in Jordan.
Petra, Jordan


Last on our list of cheap holiday destinations is a North African gem. Morocco, one of the most beautiful budget places to travel in the world, is best known to travellers for its vast, empty deserts and its bustling souks. Take a trip that combines both of these, letting you explore the cities some days while also giving you plenty of time to gaze upon the stars over the desert.

Morocco is a country of contrasts, with many different things to see and do. You can pack a lot of activities into a 5-day tour, including a night at a desert Bedouin camp as well as a chance to visit different towns and cities, each with its own unique charms. Walk the historic streets of Marrakech, losing yourself in the winding lanes of the medina, where each stall is more colourful and vibrant than the one before. Hit the coast and go to the surfer’s paradise of Essaouira. Sleep in a Bedouin desert tent and learn more about the remarkable history of these ancient nomads.

Best of all, wherever you go, you’ll have incredible Moroccan food to enjoy. That means couscous, tagines and rich, flaky b’stilla pastries. In this country, every meal is a feast, and every table groans with mouthwatering dishes. You’ll be on your feet for a lot of this action-packed trip — but even still, don’t be surprised if your waistband is starting to feel a bit tight by the time you go home.

Market in Marrakech.

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