The best places to visit in Australia: From nature to unforgettable experiences

The best places to visit in Australia: From nature to unforgettable experiences

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26 April

The strenuous journey just to reach Australia discourages even the hardiest of travellers. However, for the most beautiful things you must necessarily suffer! Maxims aside, do not be daunted by the distance. Instead, think about the beauties that await once you land in the land of kangaroos. Okay, you’ve definitely figured out what today’s subject is: the best places to visit in Australia! In reality, drawing up a list of its many attractions is a real feat. This part of the world is so vast (the surface of Australia exceeds 7 million square kilometres!) and offers so much that it is not easy to distinguish between the things to absolutely do and see.

But patience is a worthy virtue and it is fitting that you get in the right mood to face the tedious flight that separates you from your destination. This guide is a great workout! Jokes aside, Australia is a land for everyone. It is perfect for anyone seeking adventure, thanks to its wonderful nature (as well as the animals that you cannot see anywhere else on the planet). It is equally appealing for anyone who wants to spend a little city life to immerse themselves totally in the local culture. So from Ayers Rock to the Pinnacle Desert, from Fraser Island to Sydney‘s architecture. Let’s crack on right away on what many consider the journey of a lifetime!

Uluru or Ayers Rock

What else can you visit in Australia if not its magnificent (and imposing) nature? Given the exceptionality of the place, we thought it was time to start the tour from the most famous (and spiritual) symbol of the entire country: Uluru. This is also called Ayers Rock or simply “The Rock”. It is the iconic and enormous red stone landmark that stands in the middle of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The park is located in the heart of the Northern Territories.

Uluru is an immense monolith, and the only possible thing you can do is gawk at it with amazement. The intense distinct red is decidedly iridescent and, depending on the time of day, can take on shades ranging from ochre to purple. A sacred mountain for the Aboriginal peoples who own Uluru-Kata Tjuta, The Rock is just the first of many incredible stops that can be made inside this wonderful park. A true expression of the greatness of Australian nature, as well as an excellent opportunity to learn about the Aboriginal culture and myths related to this part of the world.

So, here is a short list of things to see:

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre. Very close to the monolith, the visitor centre is perfect for discovering everything there is to know about Uluru and the Aboriginal people.
  • Kata Tjuta. Less famous than Uluru but equally beautiful, it is a group of 36 domed rocks leaning against each other. Visit it at sunset and enjoy the show.

Uluru and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park are about 450 km from the town of Alice Springs. To visit this area you can join a guided tour or tackle it independently. Just one recommendation: it is a truly wild place, so plan your trip with common sense and caution!

Uluru, the famous red monolith in Australia

Kakadu National Park

Given that we already find ourselves in the Northern Territories it would be a crime not to make a trip to Australia’s largest national park, Kakadu National Park! From desert areas to rugged escarpments, here you can get a taste of the rainforest (with adjoining hot springs and waterfalls) and Aboriginal culture thanks to rock art sites.

As we lose ourselves among the endless attractions (and not to take away too much space from the other places to visit in Australia), here’s a short list of some points of interest.

  • Ubirris an important site of Aboriginal rock art. Take an Aboriginal ranger as a guide. They’re perfect to discover the stories, myths and legends of the place. Then stop by the Nabard Lookout to enjoy the incredible view.
  • Hiking in the bush. If you like walking, immerse yourself in one of the thirty paths that cut through the bush! Just one heads up: take a guided tour or at least stay on the indicated paths. Once again, this park is really wild!
  • Yellow Water Cruise. If spotting crocodiles is your thing, then this experience is for you. The route unfolds among the Australian billabongs, where the saltwater crocodile lives and thrives among a third of all the birds present in Australia. If you’re lucky, you can also see wallabies, wild horses and buffaloes!

In short, there are countless activities inside the park and this is just a small taste. Among the most popular attractions are the natural pools of Maguk Gorge or Gunlom. However, we recommend that you get up-to-date when you arrive at the site because many of these wonders are closed to visitors today. A last recommendation: if you choose to visit the Kakadu National Park dedicate more than one day! It is the size of Lombardy!

The Pinnacles

Let’s go west to discover another wonder of nature, one of the best places you can visit in Australia! Pinnacles National Park, or the Pinnacles Desert, which is located within the much larger Nambung National Park. They are located about two hours from Perth, in a unique place.

The area’s protagonists are the incredible rock formations that, like true pinnacles, emerge from the sand reaching over three metres in height. In short, you will feel like you have landed on an alien planet! The best time to visit is definitely at sunset when the sun’s angle catches the rocks producing really magnificent colours. And if you visit during the day, in addition to the rocks you will have the chance to see a lot of wild animals! Including the famous kangaroo. At night, you will see the incredible spectacle of the celestial vault that, in the total darkness of the desert, will allow you to observe the stars as you have never done before. Night trips are a must, and many guides even provide a telescope to observe the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter! A proper lifetime experience!

Daintree Rainforest

Now, let’s swap sides of Australia to discover the beauties of the rainforest. This time, we are in Queensland and precisely in the most tropical area of the country. In the Daintree Rainforest, the environment is pristine and amazingly lush: nature here is expressed at its maximum power. You will be catapulted into a world totally outside of civilization where surrounded by lush green plants, you will discover the incredible biodiversity that the environment encapsulates. From plants to insects and countless streams, it is a perfect experience for anyone who wants to regain contact with the primordial elements. Let’s not forget that this is the only place in the world where the rainforest meets the great barrier reef. It is a truly magical place, which simply could not be missing from this list of places to visit in Australia!

Visit the Australian Rainforest

Perfect to reach from the cities of Cairns and Port Douglas, the Daintree Rainforest can be visited on foot, by boat or by air.

  • Boat: cruises on the Daintree River are really trendy and allow you to penetrate the jungle. You can come face-to-face with the fearsome saltwater crocodiles, lurking among the mangroves, but also many birds such as the white heron, the kingfisher and the cassowary (considered by many as the most dangerous bird on the planet).
  • Cable car: those who focus on the scenic effect can opt for the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, which allows you to admire the rainforest from above without interfering with animal and plant life.
  • Train: a train that crosses the rainforest? The Kuranda Scenic Railway is a historic track built in 1891. It leaves from Cairns to reach Kuranda, the village that stands within the rainforest. It’s a great way to get to Barron Falls, where you can take a short photo stop.
  • On foot: the perfect option for hiking lovers. There are about ten trails inside the forest. None are very long and most form a circular path. You walk on walkways to avoid disturbing the sprawling wildlife inside the jungle.

If you decide to venture out, remember to carry plenty of water with you! Because the humidity rates you are subjected to are crazy high! The only recommendation: within the forest, there is very little (if any) telephone coverage. For this reason, we recommend that you rely on a guide or download an offline map of the area to your phone to avoid getting lost.

a koala climbing up a tree

The Great Barrier Reef

What places to visit in Australia? Australia’s Great Barrier Reef! It’s the largest living organism on Earth a is visible from space. Like the neighbouring rainforest, it is a treasure trove of biodiversity. Countless life forms inhabit this wonder of nature and can be admired with one of the most exciting snorkelling excursions of your life. Even if you cannot swim, you won’t resist the temptation to jump into the water to discover the beauty hidden in this blue and turquoise sea. It is an incredible emotion, trust us. 

To visit the Great Coral Reef, you can start from one of the cities that animate the coast of Queensland, such as Cairns, Port Douglas, Townsville and Mackay or take part in an excursion to the islands touched by the reef. They are real terrestrial paradises!

As for the methods of visit, there are quite a few available options. Classic snorkelling with mask and mouthpiece, a trip in one of the many boats with a glass bottom, or even from above aboard a small plane.

Among the various excursions, we highlight:

  • A few days sailing around the Whitsunday Islands (which we will deal with shortly)
  • A day trip to Heron Island. A coral atoll famous for whale, turtle and shark sightings
  • An excursion to Magnetic Island, to reach by ferry from Townsville. It is perfect to participate in the Full Moon Party and admire the Koalas from Forts Walk
What to see in Australia: Barrier Reef and Rainforest

Whitsunday Islands

Another great attraction of Queensland, as well as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Australia, is represented by the Whitsunday Islands. This group of 74 islands is located three hours by boat from the coral reef and lies along the coast. It is a truly unspoilt terrestrial paradise: most of the islands are totally uninhabited. Needless to say, there are countless things to do and see. Below are the two most famous attractions.

  • Heart Reef: This is a heart-shaped coral reef. You can see it from above on board a helicopter or seaplane trip because this marine area is protected and it is forbidden to swim or snorkel.

Whitehaven Beach is located on the largest of the islands of the small archipelago. It is the most photographed beach in Australia, stretching for well over 7 km and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The cove of Hill Inlet will fascinate you with its play of colours created by the tide on the sand. You can observe this show from Tongue Point, a viewpoint that you can reach by taking a short walk through the bush.

Heart reef in Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Fraser Island or K’gari

Another Queensland attraction is Fraser Island, which is located about 300 km from Brisbane. Recently returned to the aboriginal Butchilla populations, since 2021 its name has been K’Gari, which literally means paradise. And this is exactly the feeling you get when you walk along its shores.

Today a World Heritage Site, it is the largest sand island in the world. On its surface, there are many freshwater lakes and among these, the most famous is undoubtedly McKenzie Lake. It is located in the middle of the forest, its banks are composed of fine and white silica sand. You can decide to take a day trip or maybe take advantage of one of the island’s facilities. Generally speaking, if you have little experience driving an off-roader, we recommend you to be accompanied by a guide because you are in a really wild place where uncontested nature dominates. If you are lucky, you can even spot a dingo during the excursions.


And after all this nature, isn’t it time to get to know the most famous cities in Australia? Absolutely to be visited during a trip down under. Obviously, we cannot go into detail (provided you are still reading this guide!), merely touching upon the atmosphere you breathe in each location, listing the most famous attractions. So let’s start with Sydney, one of the most famous and important cities in the country. Not by chance, it is the oldest settlement in Australia!

Which spots should you visit in Sydney? You find yourself in a proper metropolis, vital and multicultural from every point of view. The bay the city overlooks is spectacular and its most famous symbol is undoubtedly the iconic Opera House, which you will absolutely have to visit. You will also have to cross the Harbour Bridge, the city’s proper feat of engineering.

The beautiful bay it overlooks is then perfect to spot the most beautiful beaches, of which there are many. The most famous is undoubtedly Bondi Beach, frequented by countless surfers. This is a great starting point for a walk up the cliff to Coogee, which is about 6 km away – really wonderful! Among the activities to do in Sydney, we highlight visiting the many museums, discovering the wonders of the Royal Botanic Garden, spending an afternoon in Hyde Park and trying the countless city restaurants. Trust us, you will enjoy everything that Australia’s oldest city has to offer.

The opera house in Sydney seen at nightfall


What places to visit in Australia? Its second main city, of course! Melbourne is located in the southern territories, precisely in the state of Victoria. Here you will feel at home because the atmosphere is quintessentially European. In these parts, the protagonists are the individual neighbourhoods, which represent microcosms in their own right. For example, if you want to breathe authentic Australian vibes, take a trip to St. Kilda, an alternative and definitely fashionable neighbourhood. The main attraction is Luna Park, the oldest and most fascinating in the whole country. If you feel particularly agile, then take a nice longboard and a walk along the promenade, which overlooks its wonderful beaches. As for the most famous city symbols:

  • The Flinders Street Station, in a wonderful Art Deco style.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral, really beautiful and impressive – The Central Business District with its shopping streets
  • The walk on the Yarra River, allows you to admire the city skyline
  • Queen Victoria Market is the most beautiful marketplace in Australia.
  • A nice ride on the City Circle Tram will let you see the attractions of the city centre for free
  • The colourful cottages of Brighton Beach, the most iconic city’s beaches

Among the things to see in Melbourne (and in Australia in general), there is also no lack of art. In addition to being a vital centre of contemporary art (the ACCA Museum is a real institution!), the city is also famous for its street art. In short, answering the question “Which places to visit in Melbourne” is not that easy, there are countless attractions to check off! Start from this summary list to build your personal itinerary. One thing is certain: you will love this city! If you can spare a day, take a trip to Phillip Island where you can attend the penguin parade among other things. At sunset, these beautiful animals come out of the water to reach the mainland after a day spent in the ocean.

Melbourne buildings bathed in beams of light

Other cities in Australia

Not just Sydney and Melbourne. There are many other cities in Australia to visit and love. Some of these we have already mentioned and others we have omitted for simplicity’s sake. But we thought we could include two more, to make this guide dedicated to the best places to visit in Australia really complete. So here’s a mini guide to Perth and Adelaide.


This is the largest city in Western Australia, as well as a perfect starting point to admire the beauty of the aforementioned pinnacle desert. The beauty of Perth is that it’s human-sized. You can visit the city centre on foot and discover both the typical Victorian-style neighbourhoods and the huge city skyscrapers. If you want a superb view of the skyline, head to the Elizabeth Quay Bridge, in the homonymous neighbourhood, to admire the beautiful view. The eastern part of the city is really adorable and is home to Victoria Park, where you can even run into small kangaroos in the wild.

If you want to discover another famous city park, then take a trip to King’s Park, which is located on Mount Eliza and therefore full of stunning viewpoints. For a trip to the sea, we invite you to Rottnest Island, a real tropical paradise that is just a handful of kilometres from the city. Here you will have to move around by bicycle or on foot because cars are banned! And if you’re lucky, you can even spot a cute quokka!


Which places to visit in the south of Australia? Adelaide is nestled between the ocean and the mountain range of the Lofty Ranges and rises along the banks of the Torrens River. It is a very lush city and, if you like nature, you will immediately fall in love with it. Among Adelaide’s characteristics is that of being the gastronomic capital of Australia. Here you can eat endless local delicacies (cheeses and seafood) accompanied by fine local wine. That’s why we suggest you head to the Adelaide Central Market, a huge indoor market that has operated for about 140 years.

You can also do a lot of beach life in the city. The ocean is practically a stone’s throw away and, even if you have not rented a car, you can reach many of the most beautiful beaches even by bus. As for day trips, the renowned one leads to Kangaroo Island, which is located about 13 km from the coast. This has to be one of the best places in the country to take a close look at the unique animals that populate the Australian continent: from kangaroos to koalas, there are also sea lions and seals.

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