The best time to go to Cuba: the climate and some useful pointers

The best time to go to Cuba: the climate and some useful pointers

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03 November

Are you planning on going to Cuba? How could you resist doing this? And do you want to learn which period is best to visit this Caribbean island? Let us tell you – if it were up to us, we would always be touring there!

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and is part of the Antilles archipelago. It has a touch of everything you could want from a trip: lush nature, white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, a unique culture plus open and welcoming people. As a destination, it is perfect for a journey of relaxation and fun. You can unplug from the world with rum cocktails and salsas. Plus, you have the chance to discover an incredible and authentic culture. However, things are changing quickly, so … it’s best to set off as soon as possible!

So when should you go to Cuba? Generally speaking, it is okay to visit the island almost all year round, although there are better and worse times. But it all depends on what you expect from your trip. So… let’s start with the basics!

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Climate of Cuba

In Cuba the climate is tropical and the seasons are essentially two:

  • the dry season, starting in November and running until mid-April. It is considered the beautiful season. The climate is milder, the temperatures quite cool and the rains are almost completely absent. If you’re wondering when to go to Cuba, the dry season is the best.
  • the wet season, starting in May and lasting until October. During these months the climate is hot and humid and there is abundant rainfall, even if they are temporary downpours. Between August and October, the probability of rain increases, with the risk of hurricanes.

If we want to make rankings, we can say that the coolest month is January, while September and October are the months that hurricanes prefer. However, you should remember that the temperatures are generally always warm and pleasant. The sea water is warm and definitely inviting all year round.

When to go to Cuba: the best time

Given the seasons, you might think that the best time to go to Cuba is the dry season, so from November to April. Actually, Cuba is perfect to visit all year round: it all depends on what you want to do during your trip – and how much you want to spend!

Cuba in winter

January and February are considered the best months ever, with temperatures comfortably around 30° and a very low possibility of rainfall. Naturally, these months correspond to the peak season, so flights to Cuba won’t be cheap.

If your goal is to visit the cities, plan your trip in the winter months when the heat is not felt and the temperatures are perfect for spending the entire day walking around the city. You can also take a plunge in the sea: as already mentioned, the water is warm all year round!

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Cuba in summer

If you want to save a little, aim for May and June, when we are close to summer and flights are much cheaper. There is indeed an increased risk of showers, but consider that they are isolated and the sun comes out again. Moreover, the disturbances mainly affect the north-eastern coast, which is more exposed to the Atlantic currents.

The months of July and August are still fine. Of course, humidity is felt far more intensely, while the showers decrease in July and then return with a vengeance in August. The temperatures reach 35° and it is ideal for spending the entire day on the beach.

Cuba and hurricanes

It is no secret: Cuba is subject to hurricanes because of its position. Specifically, the east coast is the most affected, being the most exposed to the Atlantic currents.

This phenomenon occurs in September and October, so there are only two months to really stay clear of. The rest of the wet season is also feasible. Hurricanes do not occur every year but they are obviously impossible to predict in advance, so it is best to stay clear of any risk.

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Cuba: what you should pack in your rucksack

After understanding the best period to visit Cuba, let’s move on to the second fundamental thing: what to put in your backpack?

Let’s start from the list of NOT to be forgotten items:

  • passport
  • a visa to enter Cuba – you can apply at the embassy or online (the cost is about £ 27, so be careful: there are numerous sites and some may charge you very high fees!)
  • photocopy of documents (for security)
  • first aid kit with commonly used medicines
  • sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat
  • insect repellent

After making sure we have the essentials, let’s move on to the wardrobe. Understand that there is not much difference between summer and winter as regards the clothes to wear: it is preferable to choose cotton to stay cooler, obviously do not forget your swimwear and more elegant attire for some special evenings – maybe to dance salsa!

In winter, bring some heavier garments, especially for the evenings, when the temperatures get much cooler: a sweatshirt or a light jacket is more than enough. Do not forget also: a pair of comfortable shoes to visit the cities and/or make excursions and lastly a k-way, which should be a must-have in every properly packed rucksack!

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