Going on holiday in May is always a good idea! It’s a great way to beat the crowds of travellers waiting for July to roll around — and if you plan it right, you’ll enjoy a nice bit of early summer. We’ve scoured the globe for some good places to visit in May and put together this little bucket list for you. Ready for a late spring adventure?


If you want warm European destinations in May, you need to look south — and where better than beautiful Portugal? This gorgeous country, with its long Atlantic coast, is often overlooked by visitors heading to neighbouring Spain. Well, they’re sure missing out since Portugal is a fabulous destination! The weather is great in May, with daily averages of around 17°C in Lisbon. You won’t be able to go swimming yet — unless you’ve got the constitution of a yak — but the skies are clear, the sun is shining, and the streets are full of fada music!

Portugal is a small country, so you can easily visit its two main cities in one short break. Both Lisbon and Porto have plenty to offer. The former has iconic trams, charming cobbled streets, an old castle and the world-famous pastéis de nata custard tarts. Meanwhile, Porto is home to a dramatic cathedral, a beautiful old town and some of the best wine in the world. Both cities are also pretty steep, which will help you get some exercise after all that culinary indulgence!

Boats moored near the waterfront.

Portugal is also a great choice if you’re after cheap, good holiday destinations in May. With some of the lowest prices in Europe, you’ll be able to live it up for less! Join us for a five-day tour of Portugal, visiting both Lisbon and Porto along the way.

Italy’s gorgeous Amalfi Coast

Fancy a taste of la dolce vita? Then be sure to add the Amalfi Coast to your list of the best places to visit in May. This picture-perfect Italian landscape quickly becomes overcrowded in summer, so come in May to beat the crowds.

All along the Amalfi Coast, you’ll find charming towns perched high on hillsides, often with brightly-coloured houses overlooking the clear blue sea. The warm sunshine makes it one of the best places to go in May, and there’s something here to satisfy any taste. Interested in history? Check out the ruins of Pompeii and other Roman sites. Into nature? This is a great place for trekking, and you can even conquer the mighty Mount Vesuvius! A bit of a foodie? Welcome to the birthplace of pizza! Need we say any more?

White boat on the stretch of water near the green and brown mountain during the daytime.

The Amalfi Coast is perfect for a quick getaway. That’s why we’ve put together this action-packed five-day trip that will let you see it at its best. Explore the bustling streets of Naples, learn about how the Ancient Romans lived in Pompeii, and lose yourself in the picturesque streets of Positano. How’s that for a spring treat?

Have a sizzling early summer in Cuba

Dust off your shorts because there’s a daily average of 30°C waiting for you in Cuba! There’s a reason this Caribbean paradise tops our list of hot destinations in May. The heat won’t be unbearable for another month or so, but if you’ve been struggling through a long, cold winter, this is just what you need. Those gorgeous Cuban beaches are ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving, but we won’t judge you if you prefer to just laze around on the sand with a mojito in your hand.

Of course, there’s so much more to Cuba than just beautiful beaches — and that’s why it’s on our list of the best places to visit in May. This is a history buff’s paradise, with some intriguing museums that will tell you all about the Revolution and old tobacco plantations where traditional farming methods still survive. Learn to roll your own cigars before hitting the streets of Old Havana for a night of salsa dancing that won’t stop until the sun comes up!

Blue and white wooden bridge by the ocean.

We’ve planned a full 12-day itinerary for our Cuban getaway. If you want to enjoy your summer holiday early this year, it’s the perfect choice. Let’s discover this Caribbean gem together!

Have an action-packed break in Peru

If you’ve been stuck indoors all winter, then you’ll be eager to do something active. That’s why we reckon Peru is such a good holiday destination in May! This is an adventure lover’s paradise, with endless trails that lead through the mountains. Every time you reach a peak with epic views to enjoy, you’ll see another path somewhere nearby to conquer!

When you’re trekking Peru, don’t miss the Rainbow Mountain, with its dramatic, colourful stripes. These colours are all-natural, baby — they came about thanks to the mineral-rich earth. We’re sure that a scientist can offer more of an explanation, but we’re happy to just admire the stunning view, which is like nothing else on the planet! It’s far from the only incredible thing to see here. Take a boat trip across Lake Titicaca, and you’ll feel like you’re out on the sea. Watch out for condors soaring far above Chinday. Forget all about the stresses of daily life, losing yourself in the majesty of South American nature.

Rainbow Mountain under grey clouds.

Of course, we haven’t even mentioned the number one reason why Peru makes our list of the best places to visit in May: Machu Picchu. This ancient Incan city, so high in the mountains that you’ll need to train for the altitude, is the highlight of any visit. We’ve got a 12-day trip to Peru that will let you see all this and more. Ready to join us?

Cross two continents with a trip to Turkey

Turkey is one of the best places around for holidays in May. If you don’t want to stray too far from Europe, it’s just a short flight away, but it feels as exotic as the other side of the world. Wander the narrow streets of Istanbul, and you’ll be instantly transported to a different century. This city, which allows you to cross from Europe to Asia and back again in just a few minutes (well, if traffic permits, which is never a guarantee here!), offers a dramatic blend of the ultra-modern and the traditional. Test your haggling skills in the Grand Bazaar and allow yourself to fall in love with stunning sights like the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Oh, and don’t forget to indulge in some amazing Turkish food, too!

You could easily spend a week exploring Istanbul, but Turkey has so much more to offer. Take a trip to otherworldly Cappadocia, with its unique rock formations known as fairy chimneys. They’re just as magical as the name suggests — this is the perfect landscape for anyone looking for a bit of romance. You can explore it on foot or, if you want a touch of glamour, just hop into a hot air balloon and drift over one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.

City buildings near a body of water during the day.

We’ll be heading to Turkey this May with our eight-day trip that lets you discover this Mediterranean gem. Will you be coming along, too?

Let the spirit of adventure lead you to the Ecuadorian Amazon

The last entry on our list of the best places to visit in May could also be the most adventurous of all. This is the ideal holiday if you want something totally unforgettable — well, it certainly beats Benidorm! Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries in South America, with snow-capped mountains and lush tropical rainforest. Why not see them both in one epic holiday?

As soon as you land in Quito, you might find yourself feeling light-headed. That could just be because of the amazing scenery surrounding you, but it may also have something to do with the altitude! Standing 2,850 metres above sea level, this is one of the highest cities in the world, and you’ll need a day or two to adapt. Luckily, there’s plenty to do during that time: walk the streets of the old town, admiring the historical buildings all around you, or go birdwatching on the outskirts of the city. When you’ve got used to the altitude, head to the staggeringly beautiful Laguna Quilotoa, a crystal-clear lake that has formed in the caldera of a dormant volcano. If you relish adventure, you can hike all the way around the lake, which will take about five hours. Prefer to just stay in one spot and pose for the ‘gram? No problem!

A lake surrounded by mountains.

Amazon Rainforest

The adventure continues as you head to the legendary Amazon Rainforest, a source of inspiration for travellers for centuries. This magical landscape is still dense and totally natural, and you’ll feel like an explorer in uncharted lands. Look out for the amazing wildlife, including several species of monkeys, tapirs, deadly snakes, adorable capybaras and even jaguars. Try rafting down the water here. These wild, rapid rivers will gradually come together and become the mighty Amazon, which will wind its way all across Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean.

If you’re up for the challenge, join us on this 11-day trip across Ecuador, seeing both the Andes and the Amazon along the way!

Those are our choices for the best places to visit in May. Which one is your favourite? Check out the amazing WeRoad trips this spring, and join us for an adventure that will have you buzzing all summer long!

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