Are you the sort of person who loves planning your holidays well in advance and you find yourself already contemplating where to spend a week in October, or perhaps a long weekend in November or December? Excellent! Then, we are here to provide you with the places to visit in autumn.

Autumn is the perfect season to travel. The mass tourism of August is nothing more than a distant memory and there are numerous places to visit in autumn. You could explore the treasures of Petra in Jordan, or fly to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. But do not think that autumn destinations are only cold. The Canary Islands and Thailand await you and all your short-sleeved outfits.

Travelling in autumn allows you to think outside the box and choose destinations where you would ordinarily need to queue up to take a photo at a vantage point during the summer. Consider how beautiful Japan is in autumn: no crowds and ideal temperatures to roam among the temples and historic streets. In short, if you want to go to Mexico for the Dia de los Muertos, or visit a metropolis like New York, then stay on the couch for just a few minutes longer, but only to read our advice and decide which places to visit in autumn. Let’s go! 


Let’s be clear, talking about the dead when you consider travelling, can seem like a rather strange and creepy thing. Yet, we mean quite the opposite. This taboo does not exist in Mexico. Here, the Day of the Dead is celebrated joyously. In other words, there is “revelry”. Where there is a party, we are and there, and so what perfect destination for our trip in autumn if not Mexico?

Typical dolls for Dia de los muertos, Mexico
Decorations for Dia de los muertos in Mexico

The Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a festival celebrated in Mexico between 28 October and 2 November, to honour the dead. This festival is born from ancient pre-Columbian traditions and is intertwined with Christian beliefs. In Italy, we consider the Day of the Dead as a moment of remembrance and sorrow for the loss of our loved ones, but in Mexico, it is precisely the opposite.

Here it is believed that during this festival the souls of the deceased have the opportunity to return among the living, to celebrate with them! Here they prepare for their return joyfully. Each tomb is decorated with the petals of cempasúchil, the typical orange flowers of this season. Real paths are created in such a way that the soul arrives home, where it will find a welcoming altar set up in their honour with photos, flowers and the inevitable delicacies such as the Calaveras, small sugared skulls.

But don’t think the partying is only indoors. Each street is decorated with colourful skulls, bones and giant skeletons. At every hour of the day and night, you will find mariacos playing wonderful music, to attract souls and celebrate together. It goes without saying that Mexico reaches its maximum lustre and attracts tourists from all over the world in autumn. If you don’t know which places to visit in autumn, this could be a fantastic idea!


Let’s assume, we are alike and you too are averse to the cold (I know I’m not the only one). Then, this is a tip for all of us chilly friends and acquaintances. To make us leave the fireplace or radiator, we need a powerful motivation. An example? The Northern Lights!

We have to admit that to see this wonderful phenomenon, you need to face the cold (obviously paying the surplus for a second suitcase, just to carry every sweater in the closet). Very few people can say that they have seen the Northern Lights and therefore, the challenge of succeeding is certainly an extra stimulus to travel in autumn.

The Green Lights of the Northern Lights in Iceland
The Northern Lights

Why should you go to Iceland in autumn? Autumn is the best time to see the Northern Lights! More precisely, the luckiest moment corresponds between the autumn and spring solstices, i.e. between September and March. For this reason, Iceland earns a top place in the list of the most beautiful autumn destinations.

These beautiful and magical light trails that vary from pink to green, creating one of the most evocative sceneries of nature, are visible between 6 pm and the early hours of the night, in isolated places, far from light pollution. This year it is estimated that the aurora borealis phenomenon is visible around Reykjavik, the Icelandic capital, as well as in Sweden, Finland and in general in all the countries of northern Scandinavia.

We should mention that we cannot assure you that you will be among the lucky few who actually experience the Northern Lights because this takes a massive dose of luck. But in any case, a trip to Iceland remains one of the experiences you will never forget!

So, have you decided to go to Iceland this autumn? So, go hunting for the Northern Lights with us!

New York

This city doesn’t need introductions, does it? It is one of the most visited metropolises in the world and one of the most iconic cities on the entire planet. The Big Apple is exhilarating at any moment of the year. But autumn in New York can be a real surprise.

The perfect month to visit the Big Apple is October, thanks to the still mild temperatures (in New York in winter it can be really cold) and the scarce rains, which allow you to take long walks and enjoy the city park’s foliage. Precisely in October, the phenomenal parade takes place on the occasion of Columbus Day. It is a festival in honour of the discoverer of the Americas: music, chariots and a lot of traditions. But if there’s one big party in New York City, it’s got to be Halloween. One of the most crazy and eccentric parties of the Big Apple, which culminates in a mythical parade. An experience not to be missed!

However, temperatures begin to fall in November, reaching maximums of 12 degrees, with even the possibility of some snowfall. Don’t worry, though, because one of the traditional Thanksgiving holiday dishes will warm you up. Guess what else? New Yorkers celebrate Thanksgiving with a parade! Instead, enjoy a little crazy shopping with the Black Friday discounts on the following day, to help you digest pumpkin cakes. Or wait a few days, and watch the world’s most iconic Christmas tree light up. At the end of November, the lights of the Rockefeller Center are lit up. It is an unrepeatable emotion!

If after talking about New York you still have not found the perfect place to visit in autumn, do not give up and read on.

Autumn in New York
Autumn in New York


If I told you that you only need four nights to visit Jordan, would you believe me? Well, it’s time to start believing!

Autumn is perfect to visit this incredible country, taking advantage of the mildest climate. Yes, because having to spend several days around the desert, we definitely recommend the cooler milder months. On a trip to Jordan, you can discover Petra, hike in the Wadi Rum desert and visit the Red Sea. And what better use of your free time? Spending a week in the sun, taking snapshots at the Djinn Houses, riding a Jeep through the desert or soaking in the sea of Aqaba. Not too bad, right?

If you want to spend some time in Petra but do not know whom to go with, we have developed this nice group trip to Jordan, with a perfect departure to avoid having to take too many days of vacation!

Desert in Jordan
Desert in Jordan


We’ve already seen nature, cities and countries incredibly distant from mainstream and loads of history. But would you consider spending autumn 2023 among sea and culture? Then Egypt could be the perfect destination for you.

This long weekend is a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of one of the oldest countries in the world, amid its historical monuments and enchanting beaches while taking selfies around the pyramids.

If you choose Egypt as one of the places to visit in autumn, the first stop can only be the Giza Pyramid complex. Can you remember back when the Pharaohs and their mammoth tombs were taught in school? Now, you can finally see them for yourself! The pyramids are among the seven wonders of the ancient world and represent one of the most significant examples of Egyptian architecture to date. Not only that, the whole area around them can offer you something new to do, such as a hike in the desert.

If you are fond of history then you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, one of the largest and most significant in the world. Some famous relics? The famous funeral mask of Tutankhamun. Have we convinced you, yet?

A camel among the Sinai rocks at sunset
The Sinai rocks at sunset


If you are lucky enough to have several days of vacation, then Vietnam is definitely among the places to visit in autumn. The country is ready to conquer you with its charm, with a rich history flanked by many breathtaking natural beauties. 

One of the first things to do in Vietnam is to visit the city of Hanoi, the country’s capital. Just some of the things the city has to offer are the Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Dong Xuan Market, one of Asia’s largest open-air markets. Obviously, our advice is to enjoy its lively and frenetic atmosphere, which is especially dominated by countless scooters in the evening. Don’t worry because there is an implicit order that will conquer you within this chaos!

If you are looking for a cultural experience, don’t miss the chance to visit the city of Hoi An, whose historic centre is a UNESCO Heritage. There is so much to admire here: from traditional Vietnamese architecture to shopping in the numerous local craft shops.

For a more relaxing holiday, Vietnam offers you various wonderful beaches such as Nha Trang and Phu Quoc. Here you can enjoy the sunshine and crystal clear waters of the South China Sea, perhaps practising water sports such as snorkelling or water skiing.

Also on the subject of outdoor activities, the country is perfect for hiking enthusiasts. Visiting the mountains of Vietnam, such as the Sapa mountain range, will allow you to hike, admire the natural beauty of the landscape and discover more about the local inhabitants’ lives!

For history lovers, Vietnam offers countless opportunities to visit historical sites, such as the Hue Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the site of My Son, an ancient city in the kingdom of Champa.

In conclusion, Vietnam is the perfect destination for a late autumn fortnight, amid culture, history, natural beauty and relaxation. And, at WeRoad we can accompany you here with one of our trips! In 13 days you can discover all the beauties this country has to offer!

Golden Bridge, Da Nang
Golden Bridge, Da Nang


Here’s another iconic destination, one that almost needs no introduction. Let’s see if these names ring any bells: Marrakech, Essaouira and Agafay. Ding, ding, ding!!! The bells are ringing, aren’t they?

You could spend a truly unique autumn holiday, leaving your footprints in the desert, wandering through the labyrinth of Marrakech’s medina and dipping your dainty feet in the sand of Essaouira beach. This is the essence of Morocco, which is divided between tent nights in the desert, a colourful capital and a cold coastline but perfect for a souvenir photo. In this period, the climate will be cool but generally sunny, perfect for sneaking around without suffering from the oppressive summer heat.

Ah, and I haven’t told you the best one yet. When you are in Marrakech you can combine the useful with the delightful and load up on Christmas gifts by shopping in the souk. This year I am sure you will amaze everyone with your exotic gifts without costing you an arm and a leg. Shall we go shopping in Morocco? If the answer is yes, check out our express tour from Marrakech to Essaouira via the desert!

Essaouira: the sea in Morocco
Essaouira: the sea in Morocco


Cuba is still one of the classic places to visit for a warm trip in the autumn. Why is that? Simple: sea, relaxation and fun! Three superb reasons to set off immediately to discover this fantastic island. Aren’t they enough for you? We can add that it is the largest island in the Caribbean, a bastion of increasingly difficult-to-find authenticity, as well as a place packed with breathtaking beaches; is it really worth adding anything else?

You can visit some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, from Cayo Levisa to Varadero, where you will enjoy the Caribbean sea and the shining sun. Don’t forget the capital Havana, where you can discover this country’s history that seems to be frozen in time. Another unmissable stop is Viñales, where you can visit the tobacco plantations and see how the famous Cuban cigars are made. Next? How about two steps of salsa among the colours of Trinidad, or spending an entire day on a boat off Playa Ancòn? To spice everything up are the Cubans, who will overwhelm you with their welcome and their smiles! 

Shall we discover Cuba? Here is our itinerary!

Cuba, Havana
Cuba, Havana


True, it is not just around the corner and certainly not the first destination that comes to mind thinking about places to visit in autumn. Keep in mind that between October and December, the sky is generally clear and a bright blue, which guarantees spectacular views and photos (have you got that Instagrammers?). 

Spending a holiday among the tall Himalayan peaks is one of those experiences to tell your friends for many years to come. Quite a distance from the proposals of sea, cities and ancient ruins that we have previously mentioned, this destination is perfect for anyone looking for a trip of strong emotions and a unique contact with Mother Nature and the locals, who always have welcoming smiles for all travellers who pass through those parts.

The country is quite large and it can be difficult to choose which areas to cover in a week or so. If you do not want to be hampered by the planning, go with us! We will let you discover Kathmandu, Pokhara, Ghandruk, Chomrong and Chitwan National Park!

WeRoad travellers on a bridge at Ghandruk
WeRoad travellers on a bridge at Ghandruk


Here is another one of those trips that many have on their wishlists. And it’s one of the perfect places to visit in autumn. And you’ll ask, “Doesn’t it take loads of days to visit Japan?” Well, I say it’s time to redeem all your vacation arrears, come on! Did you know that trains in Japan travel at over 400 km/h? Soon you will be speeding from one city to another, saving a lot of time, trust me. 

Among the first things you will notice in Tokyo are its beautiful gardens, which are envied and copied all over the world. Amongst the most famous features of the city, there is undoubtedly the record crossing, the Shibuya Crossing. Here 3,000 people pass through simultaneously at every green traffic light! If you want to immerse yourself in the Japanese teenagers’ world, head to the Harajuku district, while for bizarre (and probably pointless) purchases in true Japanese style, pick Takeshita Dori. This shopping district has an ‘everything for 100 yen ($0.73)’ formula. 

In short, Tokyo is packed with strange experiences and things to see. Then you should continue to Kyoto, another Japanese gem. Thanks to the Shinkansen, the high-speed railway network, you can arrive in a very short time and visit as many things as possible. Compared to Tokyo, Kyoto has a more ancient and traditional character and has earned the nickname “ the city of a thousand temples”. Kiyomizudera Temple, a huge complex declared a UNESCO heritage site is unmissable. But you should also consider Ninenzaka for a visit. It is a road where time seems to have stopped. 

There are countless unforgettable places to see in Kyoto. Starting with Gion, the ancient geisha district; Arashiyama, with its famous bamboo forest; the Fushimi Inari, the most important Shinto shrine in the city, and renowned for the Torii Tunnel that leads to Mount Inari’s summit. 

Shibuya e center gai a tokyo
Shibuya e center gai a tokyo

Whether you are a lover of heat or cold, of nature or urban landscapes, make good use of your time and do not be a couch potato in autumn!

WeRoad Team
Written by WeRoad Team